The thrill of cycling is unlike anything else. It's a passion that unites us as riders and enthusiasts. We talk about it for hours, sharing stories and experiences. These tales need a place to be shared, and that's right here!

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                                                MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK WITH 105 R7000

                                                Let’s face it, the clock is ticking. Not just today’s clock, which is already telling me that I’m in danger of missing today’s ride, but my body clock too, which is telling me that my days of elite competition getting harder and harder. But more than that, somewhere along the line I found myself wanting more from my riding than simply turning myself inside out for a shot at glory.

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                                                HOW PRO RIDERS HELP WITH PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT

                                                If you've been keeping a keen eye on Shimano news you'll have seen our first major product news of the year comes from our premium S-PHYRE R and S-PHYRE X eyewear.

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                                                ULTEGRA RX: BRINGING BACK BIKE ADVENTURES

                                                Remember when you knew nothing about the value of money and your primary concern was what time play time started? Back then most of us hammered our bikes across all types of terrain not giving a damn if something broke because we knew that someone bigger and older than us could fix any bike problems that came our way. And even if something did break several miles from home, that was all part of the adventure right? Turning up at home past your dinner time with your hands covered in oil was all part of the fun.

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