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                                                TECHNOLOGIES EXPLAINED: MICRO SPLINE & SCYLENCE

                                                This year we introduced one of the most eagerly awaited groupsets in our history, the XTR M-9100 series. One of the highlights of our state-of-the-art MTB group is the 12-speed drivetrain. To fit the 12-speed setup our engineers restructured the freehub design with what’s known as MICRO SPLINE technology. As well as that comes the introduction of SCYLENCE technology in our rear hub. In case you haven’t got your head around MICRO SPLINE and SCYLENCE yet, you can read on for a more detailed explanation.

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                                                IT ALL MATTERS - ATTENTION TO DETAIL IN SHIMANO’S NEW XTR

                                                Before developing a new groupset, our dev team discusses its goals it wants to achieve. These goals reflect evolution of the sport, evolution of our technical abilities and new insights. Some changes are obvious, but often there’s a lot of details adding up to that new benchmark in performance.

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                                                TIPS TO OPTIMIZE YOUR SHIMANO STEPS E-BIKE SYSTEM

                                                Ready to optimize the performance of your SHIMANO STEPS e-bike system? Just follow these easy instructions now for long-lasting reliability.

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